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Gudwale is the result of multiple innovations in sugarcane processing technologies. We have integrated speciality in Gud (Jaggery) manufacturing. 

We produce chemical free processed Gud (Jaggery), Gud Powder, Gud Chikki, Gud Papadi and many other type of flavoured Jaggery.

We have experience of many years of sugarcane selection and processing, which we use to bring out the best quality Gud (Jaggery).  

Unlike most packaged Gud, Gudwale cleans sugarcane juice without chemical to ensure that the consumers get the Healthy, Hygienic and same taste as natural Jaggery.


We produce jaggery in small batches in hygienic environment.


Made from pure sugarcane juice with natural molasses content.

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We keep offering discount and offers for our customer time to time.

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